Andrea McCoy

Mother. Wife. Writer. Cook.


The Salt and Stone is a nod to the essence of cooking, but also to the lovely little desert town I call home. Nestled below the Cascade Mountains in the Pacific Northwest and an agricultural hub to the world; local produce is available almost year-round providing endless inspiration.

The food I love is rarely fancy, but it’s hearty and fresh. The recipes you’ll find here are made with mostly fresh, real food making for rustic meals meant to be shared.

All that to say, let me be honest, I’m not afraid of butter and salt (it’s all about moderation), I make huge messes in my kitchen (I hate unloading the dishwasher) and I almost always have a ‘helper’ or two. The three kids who sit at my kitchen table every night are my frequent recipe testers.

The rhythm of cooking; the chopping and stirring, tasting and salting brings such pleasure to my life. But gathering the people I love around the table, no matter how simple or elaborate, is my favorite part of cooking.

Join me here at my virtual table. I’ll pour you a glass of wine and turn on some Mumford and Sons and we can make some food together. It will be good for us both.