The Salt and Stone came to life two years ago on a snowy grey January day; sitting at home, feeling a little restless and wanting to create something that would push me to do two things I love — cook and write. I have a mostly unused journalism degree, a deep almost relentless need to put words to paper and a love for food that only continues to grow and evolve as time goes by.  A blog seemed like the obvious choice.


I came into motherhood during the height of mommy blogs and the wisdom, humor and inspiration that poured out of the pages of those sites was transformative for me. My hope is this little space is the nudge you might be looking for to get in the kitchen. Whether you love to cook or don’t know how to boil water, the Salt and Stone has something for you.

This site is about approachable, reasonable, mostly healthy, sometimes indulgent REAL food. You can make this food. And when you sit down and share it with the people you love, hopefully it’s going to feel like a big hug from the universe. Or at the very least fill your belly with something delicious and give you a moment to pause in your crazy day, talk to the people at your table and reenergize you to get back to the crazy.

I write a monthly column for Yakima Magazine called Kitchen Captivated and a weekly column for the Yakima-Herald featuring recipes and a few words about life in the Yakima Valley. I also produce recipes for my gym, Iron and Mortar and I am a new instructor with Healthy Eats, plant-based cooking classes. You can always hop on those sites to see what I’m up to but I do my best to make sure those recipes land here.